1984: Affiliating with Chi Phi

As a local fraternity, PLT was not bound by restrictive charters found in most national fraternal organizations. However, with the changes occurring in society and on campus, the chapter found it was no longer unique. Its interracial, non-sectarian values and no hazing position were now shared by most fraternities. Also, national fraternities had many advantages local alumni could not replicate: undergraduate programs and services, marketing tools, competition among member chapters, consultant visitations, and national conferences. In 1983, after much reflection and soul-searching, PLT alumni decided to conduct a national search to choose a Greek chapter that would respect its unique heritage and to provide direction and leadership that would ensure long term success. Chi Phi was selected from an initial group of 48 national fraternities which submitted proposals to the PLT alumni review team.

After formalizing the affiliation, PLT became the Phi Lambda Theta Chapter of Chi Phi. The initial group of young men, led by Steve Gyrsting ’84, John Giannetti ’86, Dan D’Arco ’85, and Rick Hess ’86, immediately made its mark with Chi Phi, winning the prestigious Gehring Award three years in succession and preparing the way for twenty years of successful chapters. PLT’s became involved at the national level as active and alumni members of the governing Grand Council, chapter consultants, and national staff. Special Olympics, the “brainchild” of active Frank Duplak ’86, continues to be the chapter’s signature community service event.

Phi Lambda Theta Chapter - Chi Phi Fraternity
Bucknell University
820 Fraternity Road
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Phone: (570) 231-4758