Committee Chairs

Committees are the muscles of the body of a fraternity. They lead and carry the critical functions of the brotherhood under the direction of the executive board. Our committee chairs ensure that we are able to have our events, we keep our grades up, maintain the house, and build the brotherhood. Without the leadership of our chairs, and participation from every brother in the inner workings of the chapter, we would not be the organization that has proven itself to be a shining star at Bucknell and within the national fraternity. Below are a list of what each committee does and the current committee chair(s):

Academics Committe

An incredibly important and powerful committee in Chi Phi, the Academics Committee rules over the academic well-being of the fraternity with a watchful eye. Duties of the committee include: keeping the fraternity updated on its academic standing; rewarding brothers for academic success; and organizing any tutor/academic help sessions for brothers.

Chandler Houldin (Class of 2020)

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee organizes intramural sports teams, trips to sporting and other events, as well as brotherhood and alumni events. He works closely alongside the social chairs and the Peer Advisor to ensure a variety of events throughout the semester.

Brian Kerlin (Class of 2018)
Uttam Kumaran (Class of 2018)

Awards Committee

Each year, the Awards Committee submits documents and information to the national office that show the chapter’s activities and our progress towards continual success. These documents are reviewed and awards are given to chapters around the country. The Phi Lambda Theta chapter has won multiple awards for the past few year and it is the job of the Awards Committee to gather and present the information for the awards judging to the national office to keep this streak of success continuing.

Dan Schmidt (Class of 2019)

Community Service Committee

The Community Service Committee is in charge of finding and organizing community service events for brothers to attend. They also make sure that brothers complete their 10 required hours of community service per semester.

Billy Wall (Class of 2020)

Philanthropy Committee

The Philanthropy Committee is in charge of finding and organizing philanthropic events for brothers to attend. They also make sure that brothers complete their $20 of philanthropy donations per semester.

Greg Estrella (Class of 2019)

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee looks to maintain and improve Phi Lambda Theta’s positive impact on Bucknell’s Campus.

Jared Shapiro (Class of 2020)

Recruitment Committee

In order to recruit future brothers of Chi Phi into the Phi Lambda Theta chapter, the Recruitment Committee works tirelessly to plan and run events for possible new members as well as work with the University to make the recruitment process and rush week as easy and fun as possible.

Chris Barber (Class of 2020)
Tom Dorsett (Class of 2020)

Social Committee

The Social Committee works with the various sororities on campus to plan and set up events and works along with the Activities Committee to provide brothers with events to attend outside of their academic activities.

Reed Leong (Class of 2019)
Conor Moore (Class of 2020)
Alex Spann (Class of 2020)

Special Olympics Committee

The Special Olympics Committee coordinates a Special Olympics aquatics event in conjunction with Kappa Alpha Theta sorority to be held in the spring. The event features Special Olympians from all over central and eastern PA. The PLT chapter has a long history of hosting such events.

Pat Foley (Class of 2019)
Nick Talbot (Class of 2019)

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee works to put on larger events hosted by the chapter that happen less frequently than regular events. These events vary in purpose, but often are open to a wider group of the community and allow the chapter to meet new people.

Mike Driesen (Class of 2018)

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